March 2017
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1 March 2017
Excellent progress continues to be made by Moors Construction. The electrical and mechanical fix is now over 75% complete, the stairs are in place, the rear windows, doors and rendering has been completed and the plaster boarding to the first floor is nearing completion. The first fe pictures show the first floor which is really taking shape:
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The stairs are in place and almost complete, the first picture is the main staircase and the second picture shows the back stairs.
Some pictures of the ground floor. The third pictures is the gents toilets which shows the plumbing is well underway. Note the coat hooks in the first picture, a single point of reference to the old building!
The rear of the building showing the new first floor windows and the new door leading out onto the small patio at the back.
I wonder how many people have been through the schoolroom door since 1843? Well no one else is going through it now!!
For the first time - an indoor toilet!! This is the toilet on the first floor and the unit is a temporary one for the contractors!
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