April 2017
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1 April 2017
The electrical first fix is complete - i.e all the wiring for lighting, power, fire alarm, burglar alarm, internet, telephone and video signals. The mechanical first fix is also complete i.e. all the pipework for central heating, water and drainage. Both sets of stairs are in place. Plastering has been completed on the first floor and is well underway on the ground floor. The new main entrance has been knocked through and new arched windows are in place. The flat roof has been put on the kitchen and rear storerooms so the building is now watertight. Completion is scheduled for mid June.
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The first floor - plastering is now complete and the room is drying out
Ladies toilets
Main staircase
Rear down stairs corridor
Side door leading into the kicthen
Opening for main entrance
This is the naughty seat for disobedient children! *
 * Only joking - it is actually a cupboard . . . .
First floor looking into church balcony
Entrance lobby
Schoolroom (with serving hatch to kitchen)
Rear staircase
Disabled toilet
The church!! Don't look, it is such a dusty, cluttered MESS!
Front of church - with new window
10 April 2017

Kitchenette installation underway upstairs

This is where the new main entrance door will go!

Side door into the kitchen (where the schoolroom door used to be)

The door into the church - the opening has been widened in preparation for phase 2 as this will become the main audience entrance. However it has been temporarily narrowed to avoid the glass vestibule wall inside the church.

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