​Since the project started we have had amazing support. We would particularly like to thank the following:
The Bladon Redevelopment Steering Committee:

This group was formed to over-come the problems thrown up with accessing this very restricted site in the centre of the village. At one point it looked like the site access issues would mean the end of the project and the redevelopment of the site as housing. Thanks to the efforts of the committee under Karen's leadership the work is now taking place.

The committee members are: Karen Squibb-Williams, Ruth Chaloner, Richard Devereux-Cooke, Philip Rumsby, Ian Hudspeth, Alicia Rumsby and Martin Butler.

The Steering Committee is in addition to the church trustees who have overall responsibly for the church. The Methodist Church trustees are Philip and Alicia Rumsby, Steve and Claire Moss, Pat Clapton and Peter Kemp. The Steering Group continues to oversee the project and deal with all unforeseen difficulties.

St Martin's Church

We are extremely grateful to all our friends at St Martin's Church. The help and support from Adrian, Alice and all the PCC has been invaluable and we are even using their church as our temporary home whilst the work is taking place! 

The Village

Over 100 villagers turned out at the open village meeting to debate the future of the church and how the building work could be undertaken. We are so grateful to everyone who has supported us over the last few months - we could not have got this far without you.


Thank you to the Oxford Mail and BBC Radio Oxford, both of whom have featured our church and supported the project.

The Friends of Bladon Methodist Church

The Friends keep the church open by donating each month to cover our running costs. Without their support the church would not be able to continue to operate.

Our Friends are: Henry Manuel, Phil & Jackie Rumsby, Michael Andrew, Carol Hodge, Steve & Chris Drummond, Martin Wellings, Cathy Henderson, Kim Priddis, Tom Rumsby, Paul Davis, Norma and Steve Ramli-Davies, Birgit Pedersen, Justin & Veena de Souza, Mark Duckworth, Elly Sykes, Tim Sydenham, Nikki Bruce, Julie Avery, Stuart Kemp, Marjorie Kirkby, Bradley Moore, Lynne Anderson, Sharon O'Brien, John Leake.


Thank you to the individuals and families who have donated funds to the project. We look forward to recognizing your generosity on a plaque inside the new building or on a stone outside in a Hollywood style Walk of Fame.

Paul Davis; Chris Butler; Andrea Fanning, Robert Brown, David Doughton; Melanie Shukla; Kate Dobson; Paul Spray; Samuel, Graham & Marie Schwab; The Whitehead Family; Andrew Maisey; Mary Townsend; Anthony Watkinson; Mabel Dyer; Chris & Jill Stuart Clark; Mark Duckworth; Shirly Martin; Jonathan & Julie Todd; Katy Priddis; Linda Waters; Mary Sitch; S Beesley; Tony and Margaret Hyder; Anne Cherry; Brian & Diana French; David Elliott; Gill Davidson; Kathleen Cox; Gillian Forrest; Geoffrey and Jenny Hebdon; Mr and Mrs Thomas; Lindsey & Derek Rawson; The Gilliard and Richard Family; Silke Wagener; The Kemp Family; Elly Sykes & Family; Annabel, Olivia and Isla Henderson; Dex, Oscar and Matilda Moore; Jemima Avery; Daniel Thomas; The Manuel Family; The Duchess of Marlborough; Rev Jean King; Tracy, Tim & Will Parker; Rev Philip Bezuval; Carolyn Hudspeth; Ian Hudspeth; Jenifer Hudspeth; Chloe Hudspeth, Dorothy Hudspeth; Jean Lilles, Neville Shepherd; Trixie Kirby; The Conway Family; Helen, Esther and Berrin Renfrew; Rev Dr Martin Wellings; John and Helen Stevenson; Liz Williams, Professor Ian Leck
St Martin's Church
Our temporary home during the building work
Publicity photo in The Oxford Mail
with steering group members Ian, Karen and Alicia and BJC members Polly, Dex and Alice